• Benefits
  • Teamcenter delivers directly measurable benefits such as -

    • Increased Profits
    • Reduced time to market
    • Improved utilization of resources
    • Improved collaboration
    • Better understanding of customer requirements
    • Reduction in response to RFQ
    • Faster product development
    • Reduced lead times
    • Optimized stocks
    • Reduced time in searching for proper documents
    • Improved accuracy of BOM

    This is achieved by -

    • Single source of product data reduces errors and rework
    • Increased design commonality and reuse facilitated by a powerful and flexible search capability
    • Streamlining completion of everyday engineering tasks with simple design release and engineering change workflows
    • Supporting a more successful move from 2D to 3D
    • Securing corporate design data while facilitating access by authorized personnel throughout the organization

    Teamcenter makes use of the following features to deliver these benefits:

    • Complete search and retrieval
    • Managed check-in/check-out
    • Revision/version control
    • Friendly part/assembly structure management
    • Comprehensive product documentation management
    • State-of-the art dynamic user interface
    • Embedded visualization
    • Flexible data structure to support customer’s individual need to view data by project, product line or document type
    • Comprehensive, dynamic access control based on user’s assignment to groups and roles

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