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    Depending on the machine and application, EOS offers Integrated Process Chain Management (IPCM) for optimization of the process flow. The concept includes automatic powder conveying, the unpacking and sieving station with exchangeable frame docking system, and powder recycling.

    Laser Sintering Systems

    EOS systems distinguish themselves by ergonomic peripheral devices and a high degree of automation. Thus, they ensure maximum user friendliness, optimal utilization of machine capacity, and excellent integration into any industrial environment.


    EOS systems are able to process different materials, for example polymers, metals, or foundry sand. They offer a broad spectrum of applications.
    Laser Sintering machines from EOS are available in following build sizes - 
    1. Polymers
      • FORMIGA – Build size 200x250x330
      • EOSINT P – Build sizes – 340x340x620 & 700x380x580
    2. Metals
      • EOSINT M – Build size 250x250x215
    3. Foundry sand
      • EOSINT S – Build size 720x380x380


    Furthermore, EOS offers different software packages for the preparation of 3D CAD data. They include EOSPACE, which automatically places parts in a space-saving way in the build envelope. Consequently, the software guarantees maximum utilization of the machine's capacity. At the same time, it minimizes the required building height. Thus, laser-sintering becomes an economical production method for your series production.

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