• RapidManual
    • Cortona3D RapidManual is the first ‘out of the box’ toolkit for fast and easy production of 3D Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) / Operating Procedures / Assembly Work (Installation) Instructions, whether for operations, service, maintenance or repair. RapidManual uses animated 3D simulations to clearly communicate complex mechanical procedures. 3D manuals encourage ‘Visual Know-How’, minimizing translation issues and improving information retention.
    • Benefits at a glance..
      • Concurrent Product and Documentation Development speeds Time to Market
      • Better Manuals Increase Revenue Opportunities and Customer Loyalty
      • Re-using existing resources Cuts Costs massively
      • Attach existing S1000D documentation to auto. gen. your animation structure
      • 2D CGM image of your 3D view can be generated
      • Share Outputs and Reuse Content in Downstream Processes
      • Achieve Compliance and Safety
      • Easily add audio to your animation
    • http://www.cortona3d.com/interactive_electronic_technical_manuals.aspx

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